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Jan 17, 2021

TechBytes 02 : 2020 in Music Tech : Hits and Misses !

Hosted by Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology , I am joined by guest co-host Pete Brown who is a Principal Program Manager for Windows & Devices / PAX at Microsoft.

We cover the DAWbench 2020's non public show and the large changes made to the 2021 Suite , crown a new King in the audio interface LLP ratings, and give a summary of the new DAW releases from some of the major players.

We also discuss the emerging CPU architecture wars involving x86 vs ARM, with Apple, Intel and AMD all navigating that space with significantly different direction and dynamics.

We then navigate down into the finer detail of MIDI 2.0, and how that landscape is evolving at an increasingly rapid rate , then have a quick overview of the current state of cloud delivery/installation apps and routines which are becoming more common place.

We also discuss the first ever virtual NAMM, and much more.

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