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Dec 16, 2021

DAW Evolution V : Ardour - Past , Present , Future !

Hosted by Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology, I am joined by guest co-host Pete Brown of Microsoft and special guest Paul Davis, who is the Founder and Lead Developer of Ardour.

We discuss Paul's early history with computers, technology and coding , and how that lead a path to his involvement and focus in open source, and the eventual development of Ardour. We cover the history and the ongoing challenges of maintaining the unique position of allowing access to the complete source code , and the challenges of managing the development with the wider scope of potential contributors to the code.

We cover Ardours original development on Linux and its porting to both OSX and Windows, we discuss the challenges of running a Professional DAW application under Linux over Mac or Windows, navigating plugin and low latency driver formats, and the ongoing challenge of motivating 3rd party plugin developers to port natively to Linux.

We take a deep dive into the various milestone versions of Ardour, navigate the complexities of musical time vs audio time, discuss multiprocessing and multithreading routines and performance, hybrid playback engines, etc.

We cover Pauls work with 3rd party corporate interests where Ardour is the driving engine behind products like Waves Tracks Live and Harrison Mix Bus.

We also discuss Ardours future development, cover some exciting new features incoming, and much, much more.

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