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Feb 26, 2022

Music Tech Pioneers: Propellerhead : ReCycle to Reason !

Hosted by Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology, I am joined by guest co-host Pete Brown of Microsoft and special guest Ernst Nathorst-Böös, founder of Reason Studios, formerly known as Propellerhead Software.

We discuss Ernst history with music and computer technology , his previous involvement in MI and early experiences within the emerging Music Tech arena, which lead to the founding of the company that brought you Reason.

We cover the early years with the successive releases of Recycle, ReBirth and Reason , each individually changing the game at their respective points, and the cult like status that the software achieved with artist, producers and the general Music Tech community.

We explore the company's unique approach to keeping the coding closed and in house, and for the longest time not expanding to supporting 3rd party plugin formats, instead developing their own with Rack Extensions , while also developing formats like .rex and ReWire which were widely adopted though out the industry.

We also discuss the community involvement and cover the shifting landscape of forums and social media regards how companies are communicating and staying connected with their end users. We also share some thoughts on the current state of Music Tech, and much more.

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