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May 20, 2022

DAW Evolution VI : Pro Tools – Past, Present, Future !

Hosted by Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology, I am joined by guest co-host Pete Brown of Microsoft and special guest Mark Jeffery, who is the the original co-designer and software developer of Pro Edit and Pro Tools, and is currently a Senior Engineer at AVID.

We discuss Marks personal history with music , computers and technology, how that lead a path to joining Digidesign in the very early stages of the company, and the eventual journey to fathering Pro Tools.

We cover Marks earliest work at Digidesign with products pre Pro Tools, such as Soft Synth and Turbo Synth , and the evolving technical landscape that lead to the earliest incarnations of Pro Tools. We detail how Digidesign rode that technology wave developing and expanding Pro Tools and its accompanying hardware in step with the revolutionary changes taking place in the computer and music technology landscape of the time.

We discuss the pivotal role and acknowledge a roll call of extremely talented and visionary engineers that worked behind the scenes to deliver the advancements of the platform over the years, that has helped it maintain its industry standard status.

We take a deep dive into the various versions and milestones over the 3 decade history of Pro Tools, navigate some new emerging technologies like Atmos Music , discuss the ongoing balancing act of Native v DSP powered solutions, and much, much more.

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