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Apr 8, 2024

MIDI 2.0 : 40 Years in the Making !

Hosted by Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology , I am joined by guest co-host Pete Brown of Microsoft and also special guests, Andrew Mee , who is a MIDI 2.0 consultant to Yamaha, and Gary Daniels of Microsoft.

 Andrew is the author of open source libraries, and also tools for certification for MIDI 2.0, as well as being Chair for the Developer Support Working Group for the MIDI Association.

Gary is an Engineer on the Microsoft Audio Team, and is the architect of Windows MIDI Services, and primary developer for the Service, Driver and other cross-process communication, and the overall plugin architecture.

Pete Brown is also pulling double duties on this show as a special guest for his extended role over and above his regular work on the Window Developer Platform Team. Pete is the creator of the Windows MIDI Services Project, client API, virtual MIDI, and applications, as well as being the Chair of the MIDI Associated Executive Board.

We cover the History of MIDI 1.0 since its inception in 1983 , discuss the numerous extensions over the last 4 decades, and the limitations that are being addressed with MIDI 2.0.

We give a detailed overview of MIDI 2.0, and clarify some confusing information in regards to the two "sides" of MIDI 2.0 ( MIDI CI and UMP ), cover backwards compatibility and what problems MIDI 2.0 will resolve for musical, audio and creative application.

We discuss the available tools and applications available for cross platform developers ,and how the MIDI Association works in collaboration OS companies, audio, musical instrument and DAW developers to implement the new protocol.

We take a deep dive under the bonnet of the development of MIDI 2.0 on the Windows platform, discuss future plans with Network MIDI 2.0, and much, much more.

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