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Jul 12, 2020

The Art of Orchestral Sampling : Audio Bro – LASS and Beyond !

Hosted by Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology, I am joined by guest co-host Erin McKimm, and special guest Andrew Keresztes, the founder and lead developer at Audio Bro

We cover Andrews early foray into DAW benchmarking, which was the catalyst for me heading down the rabbit warren with DAWbench, cover his personal history and career as a professional film/TV composer and what motivated him to become a sample library developer.

We also dive under the bonnet of Kontakt to explore why it remains one of the most popular sample engine platforms for developers and explore the dynamics of the evolving and expanding area of cloud content delivery.

We also cover some curves navigated transitioning from Cubendo to Reaper, and successfully using it as a Professional audio and compositional environment.

There is also some great insight and advice for young and/or up and coming composers regards navigating the zoo of getting their foot in the door, and much more.

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