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Aug 2, 2023

TechBytes 07 :  2023 Music Technology Mid Year Review !

Hosted by Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology , I am joined by guest co-hosts Pete Brown of Microsoft and Chris Mann of Link Audio.

We cover the release of DAWbench Suite 2023, detail the changes and additions and also discuss some alternate DAW benchmarking work being done by others.

Pete and Chris give a first hand round up of their personal views and experiences at NAMM 2023 , while covering some cool new products and developing trends. 

We again cover the increasing trend of acquisitions and mergers, navigate and resolve confusion on the activity with some of those involved, and weigh up the Pro's and Con's.

We cover some of the major new DAW releases, revisit and investigate the evolving and emerging tech like Atmos Music, MIDI 2.0, GPU Audio, AI.

We take a deep dive of the accelerating CPU and Platform Wars, cover the release of the Mac Studio/Pro, M2 vs X86 , detail the release and ongoing minefields being navigated with Intels HEDT W Series Xeon Platform, and cover some future rumors.

We take a closer look at Windows 11 and discuss and resolve some recent under bonnet changes that could affect performance, share some more stories from the Tech Support Trenches, and much more.

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