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Sep 3, 2023

The Art of Sound Design : Soundly : Sound Creation, Cataloguing & Archival !

Hosted by Vin Curigliano of AAVIM Technology , I am joined by guest co-hosts Pete Brown of Microsoft and Erin McKimm, and also special guest Peder Jogensen , who is the Co-Founder , CEO and CTO of Soundly

We discuss Peders personal history with audio, music and technology, sound effects and design, coding and his eventual journey to founding Soundly. 

We cover the history of Soundly and its milestone releases and feature additions , the creation, expansion and cataloging of the cloud SFX library, the introduction of the Universal Category System, and its direct integration with major DAW's.

We take a deep dive in to the area's of Machine Learning, Neural Networks and AI , their collaboration with Acon Digital and Hance, and discuss the area of ethics in using the developing AI tools and capabilities.

We also discuss some new and exiting audio product innovations that are evolving with the increasing application of AI, and much, much more.

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